The Shift You Needed

I was fired while 7 months pregnant. I was frightened. My daily job duties had stressed me to the point that I was not gaining any weight during my pregnancy. In fact, I lost 30 pounds. Maybe this termination came at the right time?

I’ve always excelled and went above and beyond in every position I’ve held. But, it’s amazing how jealously and envy can cause others to hate you so much that their only goal is to see you removed. They’ll work diligently to do so until they succeed.

But, after some years. I look back and am so grateful I was pushed to leave. It made me develop a passionate and relentless desire to create my own platform to help others without the bureaucracy.

By funneling my energy into my brand, I’ve been able to accomplish the following:

- State Level Recognition by Governor John Bel Edwards

- Features in New Orleans Advocate, New Orleans CityBusiness and Corporate Vision Magazines.

- Ability to grow my agency and employ creative individuals

- Ability to open my first executive co-working private offices space

- Generated over 3.2 million dollars of revenue for my clients

- and the list continues to grow

So what am I saying?

It’s ok to cry and be upset, but remember, this might be just the shift you needed to propel beyond your wildest imaginations!

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