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VIP Day Experience! It's Time to Scale!

You're a VIP! And it's time you're treated like one! Many business owners don't have weeks or months to work with a strategist or consultant to walk with them hand-by-hand to scale their brand. 

Our VIP Day experience allows business owners an opportunity to receive all the information, strategies, tools and resources needed to scale their brand in one sitting.

You've been struggling for months, if not years, trying to understand how to scale your business to the next level. You want a new location, you want to serve a new audience but how do you even begin to scale to that place?

If this is you, our VIP Day experience is for you!

Phase 1: Assessment

To initiate your VIP Day experience, it will begin with an assessment. This intake process is required to help me prepare for your VIP Day experience. Please complete the assessment within the first 72 hours of receipt.

Phase 2: Business Deep Dive Kickoff Session

The kickoff session will be scheduled at least 14 days prior to your VIP Day Experience. We will review the assessment as well as walkthrough the structure of VIP Day and what you can expect. After this session, you will also receive your VIP Day Prep Guide to ensure you have all the expectations and logistics of your upcoming VIP Day experience.

Phase 3: VIP Day Experience

Your VIP Day Experience will include a 1:1, 8-hour intensive strategic planning day. The experience will take place in the New Orleans Metropolitan area. Through a combination of mapping, process improvement and strategic planning, we will work through goals, expansions admirations and tools, resources required to scale your brand to the next stage.

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What's included in a

Phase 4: Creation of SmartScale Plan

After your VIP Day Experience, myself and my team will begin writing and creating your SmartScale Plan. Your plan will include client acquisition, inbound/outbound marketing, recruitment and retention, along with systems implementation strategies. It will also provide target financial projections that you company should reach for during your scaling transition.

Phase 5: SmartScale Plan Review

During this phase, you will have a scheduled consult with Carrita, or one of her consultants, to review your plan summary and guide you on how to use your plan.

Phase 6: Follow-Ups

Once your VIP Day experience has ended, you will have three check-in virtual meetings. These meetings will last 30 minutes and will occur at the end of 30, 60 and 90 days.

VIP Day Experience?

VIP Day Experience Investment:  $7,500


What payment methods are available?

It is the policy at Carrita Cloud & Associates, that all payments over $2,500 are to be paid via wire, electronic ACH or check. All funds will be verified and cleared before the VIP Day can be scheduled.

For established brands using a business credit card, we can provide credit card as a payment, however, a service fee of 5% will be added to the total investment amount and an acknowledgement of our Payment Policy must be signed.

We also provide financing through our agency. Financing is provided through our financing partner, FlexxBuy. All credit is accepted, however, approval amounts are subject to the client's credit profile.


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Signature Programs & Experiences


Business Deep Dive Session

A one-hour consultation created to provide you with in-depth insight on what program will be needed to scale your brand to the next level.


ScaleSmart Plan 

At Carrita Cloud & Associates, we offer a 6-month or 12-month ScaleSmart guide/plan custom tailored to your business' growth. There is a 6 week turnaround time for this plan.


The VIP Day Experience

An 8-hour, 1:1 intensive, strategic planning and building day for your brand. VIP days include 12-Month ScaleSmart plan, Action List, 30, 60 & 90 Day follow ups along with breakfast, lunch and a swag-box provided.


Pricing for Profit Experience

A 4-Hour offer/pricing review session for your brand to reconstruct offers, define client avatars and create a marketing strategy to speak to your new target audience.


"Scale-with-Me" Hands-On Experience 

A 6 or 12 Month, hands-on management experience. A ScaleSmart plan will be created and our team will carry out the action items within the plan to help you scale your brand.

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What My Client's Have to Say...

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Joyce Tapley, CEO

Foremost Family Health Centers

Megan Benedict, Co-Owner

Montessori Academy of Slidell

Dr. Lana Joseph-Ford, CEO

High Level Speech & Hearing | JRUMZ

Ariell Galle, Realtor

Crescent City Living Realty

"Carrita and her team have been a pleasure to work with. I initially began working with Carrita for a website revamp and quickly realized our organization, specifically our HR department, could utilize the creation and implementation of a system for employee recruitment, retention and engagement. So glad I was introduced to Carrita. Her assistance has been unmatched."

"My co-owner, and I were opening our first Montessori school and we reached out to Carrita for assistance with our website. Carrita not only made a high-converting website for us, but she also created and deployed a system for internal and external use for our school. It allowed parents to upload immunizations, check-in/check-out, pay invoices and so much more!"

"I hired Carrita to assist with the branding/marketing for High Level Speech & Hearing as well as my personal brand. Carrita implemented tools, resources and systems to help bring visibility and awareness to our brand and I am forever grateful for her "above and beyond" demeanor as it relates to working with my brands."

"Carrita is truly what her title says, 'The Systems and Scaling Bawse'! Carrita has the innate ability to look into a brand/business and immediately identify the system, procedures and processes needed to automate and scale that brand. No matter what industry!"

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